Pharmacy Management
Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management is a desktop Application, to maintain the inventory and sale/purchase records of a pharmacy store. It also generates daily, monthly and annual financial reports.

Super Store Management
Super Store Management Software

Super Store Management is a desktop application that enables a super store owner to maintain the inventory and daily sale/purchase records and generate invoices for the customers. The Application also generates the daily, monthly and annual financial reports on a single click.

School Management System
School Management System It makes easy

The School Management System is a web based Application. It automates the core activities of a standard schooling institutions. It has a database to permanently store all the records students,teachers and all the financial flow. It also generates different types of reports including financial reports.

College Management
College Management

It is the modified version of the school management system,suited for a college or university campus.

Oficial Website of SMC
Oficial Website of SMC Shah Medical Complex,Charsadda.

It is the oficial website of a hospital named SMC(Shah Medical Complex).

Oficial Website of DBC
News Website DBC - Local To Global

DBC (Digital Broadcasting Corporation) is an online news website, a struggle of young journalists towards a new media approach.
The official website of DBC is developped by Digitinformatics's team.

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